Vista, Behind the Best Cinemas

As the owner or manager of cinemas who you probably have heard of Vista Cinema - designed to create order and simplicity in the busy cinema business. Vista Cinema is installed in cinemas in more than 60 countries, including Australia, and processes more than 1 billion ticket sales annually. You may already operate some Vista software in your cinemas.

Now we have the perfect way to seamlessly integrate Vista Cinema with your WordPress website.

Vista Cinema has never been this good

  • Always in Sync

    Why enter information multiple times in different places? Your website will always remain in sync with your schedules entered into Vista Cinema. Films, cinemas, dates and sessions are automatically imported into your WordPress website from Vista Cinema. Make a change in your database and your website automatically updates itself.

  • Mobile Friendly

    More than 50% of web users nowadays browse using a mobile device. This is particularly relevant with cinemas, when patrons will often look up for information about a film and book tickets when they are on the go. Have no fear, your site will be completely mobile friendly.

  • Editable and Flexible

    The data you receive from Vista Cinema is editable and can be used in any way. You can easily modify your site to promote a film marathon, or Coming Soon movies, or indeed whatever you wish.

Your Cinema Website Integrated With Vista Cinema


Did you know that many high quality websites are created on the WordPress platform? 25% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress; among that number are parts of the New York Times, CNN, Mashable and eBay websites. When you integrate Vista Cinema into your WordPress website you have a high class site that is a hub of constantly changing film information. Your visitors will be able to come to your site, see what movies are on at what time and book tickets seamlessly. You will even be able to operate a Coming Soon section, uploading any new movie trailers as they come out. Most importantly, it's a solid & mature platform that is easy to maintain and for others to work on at a later date.

Email Marketing

This is one of the most cost effective ways of staying in touch with your customers. People who willingly give you their email address are people who are interested in your products. These patrons will love to receive monthly emails featuring current movies and upcoming releases. Perhaps you could send out a weekly session list.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of ensuing that your web content is written and designed in such a way that it performs well in Google and the other search engines results. Be assured that all websites that we create are written with SEO in mind, as is the Vista Cinema integration.

Multiple Locations

If you own or manage multiple cinemas we can set up websites however you desire. We can easily create customised websites for each individual cinema, which would be particularly suitable if your cinemas target different markets, for instance a mainstream blockbuster cinema and an arthouse cinema. Alternatively, we can create one website for all of your locations, where patrons simply choose the particular cinema they are interested in.

Full Websites

Don’t have a designer? Matt has worked with a number of experienced web designers and can recommend one to collaborate with to create your full website solution.

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